2021-2026 Charter & Organizing Principles

An essential piece of the WU Equity & Inclusion Council’s work is developing processes and structures that can support the execution and evaluation of the work — both for itself, and for current and future entities tackling related challenges across the institution. 

Further, the Council centers its efforts on supporting actions towards a culture and climate where people are celebrated for the whole of who they are and what they bring to the university community.

This founding document describes these processes, structures, and the organizing principles for such actions.

Please click below to read the Charter & Organizing Principles, and share your thoughts by emailing: equityinclusion@wustl.edu.

Start-up Year Onboarding Materials

Over the month of September 2020, members of the Council received a series of communications from the WUEIC Executive Committee and support staff designed to prepare them for their work with the Council, and to help ensure the Council is ready to get to work at its first meeting.

The purposes of the Council are to:

  • Build capacity for equity work across and throughout the university
  • Share information and updates across university silos
  • Fundamentally shift the systems and structures of the university toward equity

The goal of the orientation process, then, was to ensure the Council gets off to a strong start, that each member of the Council is prepared to truly engage with and take a problem-solving approach to these issues from the very first meeting, and that Council members have what they need to advance the Council’s work.

Thus, the communications they received – and that are catalogued here – are designed to get everybody in the Council on the same page, to orient them to and prepare them to do the work of the Council, and to make essential information needed to do the work readily available.

They are here, readily available for the University community, as well:

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An overview of the Council member orientation process leading up to the first 2020 meeting, including an assignment for each of the school teams.

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Public Data

A snapshot of disaggregated data by sex and race for the 2019-20 school year and links to the current public-facing infrastructure for DEI at WU.

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“Why a Council?” The first installment of orientation, including basic structure, its theory of change, and some grounding information.

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First Meeting

Presentation slides from the October 7, 2020 WUEIC kick-off. The purpose of the meeting was to ground the Council members for the work ahead.

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Brief History

“How did we get here?” The second installment of orientation, including a review of student demands and the 2015 Commission on D&I.