The first Member-at-large Council participation was an open call for faculty, staff, and students in August 2020.

The Application & Review Process

For the start-up phase of the Council, the following steps were taken by Academy staff and Executive Committee members:

  1. Information about the Council start-up process, the Member at Large scope of work, and an application/nomination process were made available on It was announced in The Record in August, and the Executive Committee was encouraged to share the information.
  2. The application included a series of questions as listed on the Council’s page at
  3. 68 applications were submitted. 
  4. The majority of Executive Committee members served a Selection Committee, using a scoring rubric based on the criteria listed on to evaluate applications. The name, contact information, and university role fields were hidden from the applications for the remainder of the evaluation process.
  5. Scores from participating reviewers were aggregated for each candidate, and applications from the top 90th percentile identified a finalist group of 20 applicants.
  6. The Selection Committee was asked to review all 20 finalist applications and rank their top applicants. 
  7. The 10 Open Call Member at Large and 5 alternates were identified by averaging the rankings.
  8. In the event a Member at Large denies their seat at any point in the process, the alternate list will be used.
  9. Alternates were invited to join a working group.
  10. Once all the Open Call Members accepted, the full Council membership list was posted on the Council Membership page of the WUEIC website, which was announced in the Record ahead of the first (October 7, 2020) meeting.

In future years, the application/nomination and review process will be determined by the working groups.